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Fermoy Fundraiser


A simple and effective fundraising initiative that can deliver

valuable funds for your fundraising charity or event


Are you looking for a fundraiser idea that requires: 

      • Little time or effort to implement and run
      • No cost to establish
      • Has the potential to raise a material amount of funds for the charity/event.
      • Only one person to co-ordinate.
Then look no further!


 How it works

1. Fermoy Estate prepares a special, branded order form, offering a selection of premium quality, Margaret River wines at a discount of over 20%.

2. You circulate the order form to all members, friends, contacts, etc. As an additional option, introduce the fundraiser at a social event and we will provide samples of wine and tasting glasses at no cost so people can try before they buy.

3. Order forms are returned to you on a specific date and then forwarded to us for processing. We process all payments and orders so there is no additional work required from you.

4. We will deliver the wine on an agreed date to one central location at no cost, for you to distribute the to those who have ordered (other delivery options are also available).

5. Most importantly, Fermoy Estate will donate $30 for every case sold. So for example, if 100 people buy a case of wine each, we will donate $3,000 to your fundraising event or charity. 
      To  discuss your fundraising needs in further detail please contact:
      Lorraine Waldek on 0433 653 313 or

























      To  discuss your fundraising needs in further detail please contact

      Lorraine Waldek on 0433 653 313 or


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