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Frequently Asked Questions

What wine can I choose?

You can choose your own selection of Fermoy wine in any mix of 12 bottles per case. Choose from the popular easy drinking Fe range, the Estate Range or the Premium range including Reserves, Sparkling and Muscat.

When will the wine be delivered?

Four deliveries per year – first case dispatched on joining and then every third month anniversary of your subscription date.

Two deliveries per year – first case dispatched on joining and then every sixth month anniversary of your subscription date.

What if I am away or simply don’t want the wine on the next scheduled dispatch date?

No problem – you can skip, or re-reschedule the delivery.

Can I change my order every time?

Absolutely – you can change your selection of wine on every order to suit the season or suit your mood!

If I want to purchase more wine during the year, do I still get the same discount?

Yes – the discount you have locked in can be used on all case purchases.  NB. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with special offers or any other discounts.

How do I update my payment or address details?

You can call or email us anytime to update your details.   Also, prior to each scheduled dispatch, you will receive an email giving you the option to change your order, contact or payment details.

Can I choose to have wines delivered to a different address than my usual mailing address?

Yes – you specify the shipping address used for your deliveries and this can be changed or updated any time. This also allows you to send your scheduled wines to a friend or family member should you wish to do so.

How and when do I pay for future wine deliveries?

We securely keep the details of the credit card that will be charged before each scheduled dispatch date.

How will I know when the next wine order is coming?

We will notify you before each scheduled dispatch date. You will receive another email once your order is shipped with tracking details.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes – you can cancel your membership at any time without any cost or penalty.

How can I be assured that I won’t find the wines cheaper at a bottle shop?

The Fermoy Best Friend Price Guarantee gives you peace of mind that you will always buy our current wines at the very best price.

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