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Fundraising and Fermoy in the Community


Fermoy Estate believes in supporting and giving back to the community. One of the ways we do this is through offering a simple and effective fundraising facility where a portion of every case sold by your group is donated directly back to your club, charity or school.

Fermoy Fundraiser

It is simple to implement and run. There is no cost to you, and as there is no maximum numbers of cases to sell, so the potential for raising funds is excellent.

Fermoy fundraising requires only one central person to co ordinate. You simply need to decide on a closing date and a central delivery point for orders. We supply you with the fundraising tools including;

  • Order forms personalised to your group
  • Tips for how to run a successful fundraiser
  • Ideas and assistance for holding a wine tasting
  • Tasting Notes on the wines on offer
  • Free delivery to one central location

To find out more, contact the Customer Service Team on 08 9443 2988 , or via email

 “We were thrilled with the success of the Fermoy fundraiser for our school. The donation we received back was a significant part of our fundraising initiative, at the same time bringing parents together and delivering something they thoroughly enjoyed purchasing. It was an easy sell and so simple to coordinate!”

Jackie Stacey, Administration Assistant – P& F Liaison, Mercedes College

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