1. The Fermoy Wine Club is a subscription based club whereby you agree to receive wine on an ongoing, regular basis until you cancel your membership. By joining the Fermoy Wine Club, you undertake that you are over 18 years of age & you agree to the terms & conditions as stipulated below.
  2. On joining the Fermoy Wine Club, you agree to receive & pay for each wine order which will continue to be shipped to you every 3 months, unless you have chosen to skip or reschedule that delivery or cancelled your subscription.
  3. The first case you order will be your Initial case. On future scheduled deliveries, your order will automatically be the same as the immediate previous order unless amended, skipped or cancelled by you.
  4. You may skip a scheduled delivery by notifying Fermoy at least 7 days prior to the scheduled delivery date. If you choose to skip a delivery, your next order will fall on the following scheduled delivery, being in another 3 months’ time. There is no limit on how many orders are skipped.
  5. You may also re-schedule a delivery to an alternative date. Where an order is re-scheduled, subsequent orders will occur 3 months after the re-scheduled date, unless skipped, re-scheduled or cancelled by you.
  6. You may cancel your membership at any time, however where membership is cancelled less than 7 days prior to a scheduled delivery, that delivery will still take place & cancellation will only take effect after that delivery.
  7. Each wine order processed under the Fermoy Wine Club shall attract a discount of 25% on the Recommended Retail Prices as published on the Fermoy website at the date of each scheduled delivery. Fermoy reserves the right to amend the rate of discount, provided it gives you at least 30 days’ notice in which case you will still have the right to cancel your membership.
  8. Fermoy will retain details of your credit card securely & you authorise Fermoy to charge your credit card for each order made pursuant to these terms & conditions. You also agree to provide updated or amended credit card information when required. Fermoy will not charge your credit card for any other purpose unless you provide us permission to do so.
  9. Scheduled delivery dates occur 3 months after your initial order & continue on a 3 months’ basis, unless skipped, rescheduled or cancelled.
  10. Orders will be dispatched up to 5 days after the scheduled delivery dates & all orders will be delivered via Australia Post through their normal delivery procedures. Delivery will normally take place within 10 working days of the dispatch date.
  11. Where you have selected a particular vintage of wine & that vintage is no longer available, you agree that your future orders will automatically be amended to the next available vintage of the same wine. Your wine selection can be amended by you at any time, subject to these terms & conditions.
  12. If you provide evidence that within 14 days of a relevant scheduled delivery date, your selected wine was being sold at a lower price than the price charged to you, Fermoy agrees to match that price.
  13. These terms and conditions may be updated or modified by Fermoy at any time, provided we provide you with 30 days’ notice prior to any material changes taking effect.


Jan 2018